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Z Historia Wisły

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Since 1906 – the year when Wisła was created – throughout decades up to modern times only three colors where used by the club. It is well known that this colors are red, white and blue, but their origin is somewhat less highlighted.

The red color appears in 1907, through a merger with the Jenkner team. It was agreed, that after this merger the club would keep the name Wisła, but its kits would be Jenkner’s ones. That is why Wisła shirts are red. Actually “The Reds” used to be Wisła nickname, especially in the 1918-1939 period, when it was commonly applied by the journalists. Since 1907 also Wisła’s coat of arms has red shield – its shape was often modified, but the color remained red.

The white color was first used in the second half of 1910. At that moment the color of the star on Wisła’s shirts was changed from blue to white one. Also shirts’ collars and cuffs became white (they were black between 1906 and 1910). This was meant to underline the patriotic attitude of the club (white and red are colors of Poland). It was especially important, as Poland was not independent.

The blue color is the oldest one, but is currently seen as less important than the two others. The blue color was chosen during the founding meeting between professor Łopuszański and his pupils in the spring of 1906. One year later it was replaced on the shirts by red, but remained on the coat of arms (blue star on a red shield) till 1910. The blue color reappeared in 1936, when a new coat of arms was presented (white star on red shield with a blue strip).

The reason for choosing blue color as the basic one for Wisła in 1906 is not known. Probably it was a reference to the river Vistula, but it also might have been seen as the color of Krakow (the city’s flag is white and blue).