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Z Historia Wisły

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Wiślacki Smok – Wisła’s Dragon

Club mascot symbolizes strong connection between Wisła and the city of Krakow.

In medieval records we find different versions of the legend of a terrible dragon living in the cave of the Wawel Hill. The monster ate the animals, but its delicacy were young girls. According to the legend, Krak – the reigning prince – promised half of the kingdom and the hand of a beautiful princess to the killer of dragon. Many knights lost their lives in brave attempts, but in the end it was a clever shoemaker who beat the monster by throwing him a sheep stuffed with sulfur. The dragon ate it, and became terribly thirsty. He started drinking the water of Vistula river and finally exploded in great pain.

Nowadays dragon is one of Krakow’s symbols. It is a popular motif for souvenirs and gifts. A cave – alleged home of the dragon – can be visited, and at the exit of this dragon’s den a metal sculpture of the monster is placed. Every few minutes it breathes fire for the amusement of tourists.

Wawelskie Smoki (Wawel’s dragons) is the nickname of Wisła men basketball team. Dragon with White Star became Wisła symbol – showing the club’s might and power, as well as arousing terror among opposite teams. Club’s mascot also has a gentle face, revealed during events for children or charity auctions. The dragon is in various ways involved in the live of Wisła. For many a year Tadeusz Kuś – legendary fan - played the role of the dragon, wearing heavy disguise during every home match, and even during away games. After the death of Tadeusz Kuś this responsibility was taken over by Staszek Sękiewicz.


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